20 August 2012


High waisted shorts are one of my wardrobe staples, because they flatter the waist, make my legs look deceptively long, can be dressed up or down, and can be worn in any season! Here's how I would style high waisted shorts for winter.

I love this look because it's super simple and can be worn when the temperature's in that fickle temperature in between freezing and not-cold-enough-to-wear-jeans. You'll be warm on top with your sweater, and your legs won't be too hot or cold with your knee high socks.
Cropped sweater, Forever 21
Destroyed light wash shorts, Shop Shorts (all handmade by yours truly)
Taupe knee high socks, ASOS
Vintage oxfords, Etsy

This look incorporates lots of layers, and is ideal for very cold and snowy climates. You can layer with many pieces: flannels, jean button downs, leather jackets, your favorite hoodies, denim jackets, the possibilities are endless! Throw on the tights + knee high socks combo for extra warmth and you're good to go.
Flannel, Forever 21
Vintage acid wash denim jacket, thrifted
Destroyed light wash shorts, Shop Shorts (all handmade by yours truly)
Tights/knee high socks, eBay
Converse Chuck Taylors

Now you can wear high waisted shorts in fall and winter, and won't have to pack them up after summer :) Would love to hear your suggestions or comments!