03 January 2016

TEA - Syrup

Currently 7:03 am, third morning in Helsinki. In the past 48 hours, I've learned that my body's actually been welcoming to the bitter cold, I'm already missing my dad's soup noodles, and mentally preparing to make friends in 3 hours at the first day of school brings back the lil butterflies of those first freshman year dining hall moments. TEA's voice on this track carries the balance of ethereality, nostalgia, and tinge of "what-if" that somewhat embodies this post-jet-lag, pre-unknown-adventures, too-early-to-function ball of emotions that's rolling around in my heart this morning. Hope it makes you feel feelings, too.

22 December 2015

Nicky Jam - El Perdón (Argentum Remix)

All I know is that after shaking my hips to the first Latin beat my ears ever laid on, life's been a bit brighter. Whether you're pressing play burrowed indoors in the middle of a snowstorm or sipping a margarita lounging on the sands of a blue beautiful beach, I hope you feel the same as I do when the tropical beat shines: like stripping down beneath a scorching sun and dancing your worries away.

15 December 2015

FKJ - Lying Together

There's something about a solid rainy day, the type where you curl into a nook surrounded by six pillows, burrowed under a quilt with a cup of boiling tea in one hand and a movie loaded on a laptop in the other. Bonus points if you have a significant other whose body you can snuggle into.

The bouncy, not-quite-in-a-major-key riff combined with the prologue and epilogue of raindrops not only recalls that sense of rainy-day peace, but also carries a nostalgia that lets your mind drift to thoughts of that one boy that maybe could've been ("oh baby aaah") but never really did materialize. All at once comforting and heartaching, the good kind.